5 Main Complications in Relationships

No matter how much in love you are, the chances are about 100% that your relationship will come face-to-face with a very real problem at some point, and that problem could either bring the two of you closer together, or tear you apart, leading to the end of the relationship. You need to be aware of the 5 main complications in relationships so that you can at least avoid those problems.

5 Main Complications in Relationships 5 Main Complications in Relationships

Love Does Not Conquer All

Love is a wonderful thing. You might think that your love can carry you through anything, and if only one thing goes wrong, and that only happens once in a great while, love probably can see you through it. However, life seldom works that way. When you marry someone the typical wedding vows state ‘for better or for worse.’ What they seldom tell you in advance is that there is likely to be more ‘worse’ than ‘better.’

Because this is an unspoken fact, you really need to have a plan of action for dealing with relationship problems as they arise, before they happen. Most couples, however, will not go into a relationship with this mindset,  believing instead that love conquers all.

The 5 Most Common Relationship Problems

  1. Money – Money issues are very common problems in relationships, and the more serious the money issues become, the more likely money – or lack of money – is to tear the relationship apart. Seek financial counseling, set a budget, and commit to living on that budget together to avoid this issue.
  2. Sex – He’s in the mood and your not. You are in the mood, and he’s not. It seems that you can never get your moods in sync. If nothing else, designate a date night to keep the magic alive.
  3. Infidelity – Infidelity is the most common problem that can completely destroy a marriage or relationship. If you want to stay together after this has occurred, seriously consider counseling.
  4. Children – Children can be a problem for a relationship on a number of different levels. You may argue about whether or not you will have children, when you will have them, and how you will raise them. Step-children can also be a problem. Look for problems as soon as possible and make sure that they get resolved so that you do not suffer – and so that the children do not suffer.
  5. Extended Families – Nothing can destroy a marriage like in-laws who hate you – or that you hate. What you must realize is that your partner has known his or her family for their entire lives. These are the people that loved the love of your life first, and they are not going away. Find a way to get along, and if they are making it impossible, try talking to them about it directly.

What to Do When Relationship Problems Arise

When a problem arises, one half of the couple may realize it, and the other may not. The problem is not going away, and ignoring it will not change this. Plan a time to sit with your partner and bring the problem out into the open. It isn’t fair to allow a problem to destroy your relationship when the other person wasn’t even aware of how serious the problem was.

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