5 Healthiest Types of Meat

Meat is good for you – or bad for you – depending on which expert you talk to. We’ve been eating meat since the beginning of time, and we all have our preferences. Then, of course, there are those who do not eat any meat at all. The reasons range from taste, to health beliefs, to animal rights. If you do eat meat, however, you need to know the 5 healthiest types of meat.

5 healthiest types of meat 5 Healthiest Types of Meat

Why We Need Meat

We can survive without meat, and many people do. This is largely because there are other foods that have the same nutrients and protein that meat contains, but the sources are not as good. This means that if you do not eat meat, you must eat greater amounts of these other protein sources.

Even if you are eating greater amounts of other protein sources, it is important to realize that in the end, nothing can really replace the nutritional value of meat. It is also important to realize that how the animal is raised, in terms of how it is fed, has an impact on your health.

A Breakdown of the 5 Healthiest Types of Meat

  1. Chicken – Chicken is lean and full of protein. If eaten without the skin, this is one of the healthiest meats that you can possibly eat. Free Range, or Organic Chicken is best.
  2. Fish – Fish could be in the number one spot because it is so healthy. It is full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are essential to good physical and mental health. It makes number two on the list, however, because of the protein value of chicken, and you must consider the potential for mercury found in fish as well.
  3. Pork – Pork has been touted as ‘the other white meat.’ While it isn’t nearly as healthy as fish and chicken, it is typically healthier than red meat.
  4. Certain Cuts of Red Meat – Red meat has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but the truth is that red meat can be just as good for you – or just as bad for you – as other types of meat, depending on the cut of the meat. You should look for the leanest cuts possible.
  5. Non-Traditional Meat Sources – Americans usually do not see certain types of meat as acceptable. This includes horse meat, dog meat, and cat meat. Some cultures, however, do eat these types of meat, and they can be healthier than the red meat that we consume in the United States.

Meat Alternatives

There are alternatives to meat. You can eat beans, tofu, or nuts, or a number of other foods in an effort to get the same nutrients, minerals, and proteins that are contained in meat, but you will most likely have to make a concentrated effort to get the vitamins and nutrients that your body requires.

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    Steven Says:

    Do some research… get some facts straight before talking about benefits of meat. Every new comprehensive diet studies are showing negative effects of meat. even by-products like milk, are shown to have negative effects and increase colon cancer.

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