10 Most Unhealthy Drinks

You work out regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of sleep, get regular checkups, eat healthy foods, and use sunscreen. You are doing everything that you can to retain your good health, and even to improve your health. Unfortunately, when it comes to what you drink, you may be doing more harm than good. You need to know about the 10 most unhealthy drinks.

10 most unhealthy drinks 10 Most Unhealthy Drinks

The Health Food Industry is Less than Honest

Many manufacturers of health foods and drinks will use words in their advertising and labeling that will lead you to believe that their product is a great deal healthier than it actually is. While these products may have some health benefits, they are not likely to tell you about the dangers associated with their products. Typically, you do not learn this information until the FDA bans the product, or forces the company to add certain words or sentences to their labeling practices.

The 10 Known Most Unhealthy Drinks

  1. Sodas – Soda is probably one of the unhealthiest things that you can put in your body, largely because of the sugar and caffeine that is added.
  2. Some Juices – If you are going to drink juice, read the label. The juice of a fruit is actually healthy – but those things that are added are not healthy. Squeeze your own juice directly from the fruit for best results.
  3. Caffeinated Drinks – While there is research that tells us that caffeine actually helps our brain function, these drinks are only healthy when they are consumed on a limited basis.
  4. Alcoholic Drinks – Alcohol in moderation isn’t terribly bad for you, depending on the alcohol. A glass of wine or beer a day can be quite beneficial. Any more than this, and any other type of alcohol, however, are not healthy.
  5. Health Shakes – Health shakes are not entirely healthy. You need to be very mindful of the ingredients that are going into your health shake.
  6. Diet Sodas – You may think that you are being more healthy be selecting a diet soda over a regular soda, but you are not. These are just as unhealthy, but in a different way. Diet sodas are unhealthy because of the dangers associated with the sugar substitutes that are used.
  7. Energy Drinks – There are numerous energy drinks now available on the market, and if caffeinated drinks are not healthy for you, these energy drinks certainly are not healthy, due to the large amounts of caffeine that they contain.
  8. Some Herbal Drinks – Not everyone handles herbs the same way, in terms of their body function. If you have any health problems, there are certain herbs that can make that problem worse. Know what your herbal drinks contain and whether those herbs are actually safe for you or not.
  9. Flavored Water – Depending on what the water is flavored with, healthy water may have become incredibly unhealthy. Go for plain H2O instead of flavored waters – or flavor your water yourself, with fresh, organic fruit.
  10. Tap Water – You may not even want to know what is in the water that comes from your tap. Select bottled water instead, and make it your business to know where that water comes from, and how it is purified.

So, What Beverages are Safe to Drink?

The safest beverage to drink is water, if it has been filtered and purified in the best possible way. Some herbal teas are also great, as long as you first check with your doctor concerning which herbs are safe for you specifically.

Make sure that you take the time to really consider what you are putting into your body – especially when it comes to beverages – and stick to high quality water, and herbal teas that are made from fresh herbs.

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  1. 3
    Jorge Says:

    I’d like to point out that bottled water is a gimmick!! It’s mostly tap water, it’s waste of energy, money, and plastic. This is incredibly frustrating to see this article urge others to buy bottled water when most people know little to nothing about how that water got into that bottle. Local governments publish plenty of info about your tap water, and the standards for public tap water are stricter than bottle water. A few decades ago everyone drank from the tap so why is tap water any worse?? If anything it’s gotten better! Don’t fall for the scam of bottled water.

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    Okay, you clearly just eliminated all possible form of beverages that have existed EVER. You narrowed everything out to just bottled water being safe.

    Another flaw is that bottled water can simply just be tap water run through a filter similar to the ones we own at home AKA Brita!

    Author of this article requires a ton more research and supporting evidence. This is a complete fail attempt.

  3. 1
    liv Says:

    this article gives no actual reasons why these drinks are unhealthy. while I have to say that I agree with most of this.. it was like someone telling me something and when I ask why they say “just because”. Not a satisfying answer. Do more research!

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