10 Most Popular Cooking Shows

People love to eat.  It is that simple. We all want to be able to cook those delicious meals we get in restaurants.  Now there are several TV shows to help you do it.

10 Most Popular Cooking Shows 10 Most Popular Cooking Shows

Popular Cooking Shows can Teach You to Cook

Whether you are already a good cook or a beginner there is much to be learned watching some of these popular cooking shows.  Renowned chefs and cooks explain ingredients and how they are best used.  You can learn new techniques and recipes to change up the drab weekly menus for your family.

10 Most Popular Cooking Shows

10. Barefoot Contessa – Hosted by popular cookbook author and magazine columnist Ina Garten.  She unveils her tips and shares techniques and easy but elegant recipes with her audience.

9. Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee – Sandra Lee is the author of the best selling cookbook Semi Homemade Cooking.  She shows techniques based on her philosophy of 70% readymade products with 30% of fresh ingredients to create foods that taste as if they are completely made from scratch. The host is also an internationally acclaimed home and style expert and always includes table setting and decorative segments for the meal she prepares.

8. Everyday Italian – The host, Giada De Laurentiis was born in Rome and grew up in the family kitchen.  She follows the Italian masters’ methods of transforming simple ingredients into delicious, satisfying and quick meals.  In this show she shares the home recipes she grew up with in an updated style.  You can learn dishes that are ideal for any occasion from a cozy meal for two, just a weekday meal or entertaining a large group of people.  You are certain to find healthy and delicious meals to cook for your family.

7. Good Eats – This show is hosted by Alton Brown who began his culinary career in his grandmother and mother’s kitchens.  The show is educational and entertaining.  Host Alton Brown explains the origins of the ingredients and uses simple preparations and unusual discussions and comical interludes.  This brings food to a new and interesting level in its funniest and finest variations.

6. Diners Drive-ins and Dives – Always the place to be in the 50’s and 60’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are on the comeback.  This is due to the baby boomers, younger fans and new owners and Guy Fieri.  He travels the country visiting various hot spots and getting the information on how they make the dishes that they are known for. He is very personable and the show is very entertaining.

5. Throwdown!  With Bobby Flay – The host of this show is Bobby Flay.  He is a critically acclaimed chef.  He is the author of an award winning cookbook, restaurateur and television personality.  This show takes Bobby Flay to the home towns of successful cooks around the country to challenge them to make the dish that they are famous for. The unsuspecting cook has been contacted by Food Network and they believe they are being filmed for a segment of one of the networks shows.  The surprise is that Bobby Flay drops in unannounced and throws down a challenge for a cook off.  If they accept the competition is on.  Sometimes Bobby Flay wins and sometimes he doesn’t.

4. 30 Minute Meals – Hosted by Rachel Ray who considers herself a cook, not a chef.  She shows you how to make delicious and impressive meals in less than 30 minutes. The show ranges from simple comfort foods to sophisticated foods for entertaining a few guests or a large crowd.  Rachel Ray is an author, magazine editor and a popular television host for the Food Network.

3. Guy’s Big Bite – Hosted by Guy Fieri who is the host of 4 shows on the Food Network.  He won season 2 of The Next Food Network Star and his star continues to rise.  He is entertaining and informative putting a new twist on many classics.

2. Paula’s Home Cooking – Paula Deen is the host of three different shows on the Food Network.  She is also an author of multiple cookbooks and has a magazine available.  Paula’s Home Cooking started out as a small catering business in a small town to support herself and her two boys.  It is now very popular.  She has a southern charm and she cooks homemade meals with American traditions from her country kitchen.  She tells stories and shares recipes from her southern background for good southern comfort foods.

1. Iron Chef America – The American version of the Japanese cult sensation, this competitive cooking show is hosted by Alton Brown.  The challenge takes place in Kitchen Stadium and judged by 3 judges.  It showcases the legendary chefs who have earned the title “Iron Chef” as they are challenged by other world class chefs to cook 5 dishes using a “secret ingredient” within one hour.  The Iron Chefs include Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora and Michael Symon.

Personalities Promote Popular Cooking Shows

These shows are more than just a place to learn to cook or spice up your cooking skills.  They are entertaining and a joy to watch.  You learn to make cooking fun instead of a job you have to do to feed your family.  Bring the joy back into your kitchen!

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