10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

As many as 15 million new cases of cancer are thought to be discovered by 2020. With many types of medication and alternative therapies on the market, people are forgetting the most important medicine of all – a healthy diet. A particular group of foods that contain phytochemicals, antioxidants and omega 3 may help reduce the risk of cancer.

1. Avocados

These are an antioxidant that is not only helpful for reducing the risk of cancer but is beneficial for cataracts and glaucoma due to its ability to block certain fats in the body. It can also regulate high blood pressure.

Avocados 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

2. Broccoli

Including cabbage, and cauliflower have phytochemicals which combat some types of cancer. They are also low in calories and high in fibre.

Broccoli 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

3. Carrots

A powerful antioxidant that is also high in beta carotene. It can help reduce the risk of cancer with its secret ingredient falcarinol.

carrots 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

4. Figs

These can kill bacteria and assist in weight loss programs. They contain an important ingredient called benzaldehyde which studies have shown can decrease the size of tumors.

figs 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

5. Garlic

Boosts the immune system and can reduce development of some tumors. Eaten in its raw state it is said to reduce the risk of many types of stomach cancers.

garlic 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

6. Grapes

The red grapes contain natural antioxidants that may slow down the development of cancer cells and tumor growth. If eaten as part of the 5 a day regime, a portion of grapes can be effective.

grapes for cancer 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

7. Mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms help boost the immune system as it acts as an antibacterial agent. It is good for influenza, diabetes, headaches and reducing the risk of cancer. Maitake and Reishi are also known for their anti-cancer abilities.

mushrooms 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

8. Red wine

Contains polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. Red wine should be drunk in moderation although alcohol free red wine and grape juices are found to be just as rich in polyphenols as the key ingredient lies in the grape skin.

red wine 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

9. Green tea

Polyphenols are found in green tea which can slow down the development of cancer cells. Black tea can also provide some benefit although herbal teas have yet to be proven effective.

green tea 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

10. Tomatoes

These contain lycopene which can decrease the amount of free radicals from entering our body. The level of lycopene is found to be higher when the tomatoes are concentrated such as in a puree or in ketchup. Studies have also shown that lycopene is absorbed into the body at a greater rate if it is accompanied by oil.

tomatoes to fight cancer 10 Most Popular Cancer Fighting Foods

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  1. 7
    cameron Says:

    since when does salmonella cause cancer? it may not help your health but the article is about foods preventing cancer…

  2. 6
    ruby macabuhay Says:

    how to fight cevical cancer?

  3. 5
    Kathy Says:

    Comment: Tom there was recently a thing in the US where certain crops of tomatoes were poisoned with samonella caused by certain pesticides being used on the crops, not sure of the details but I work at subway in Canada, our tomatoes are from a supplier in South Carolina and we weren’t allowed to use tomatoes until they were cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, hope that answers your question

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    Personal Trainer Says:

    Great article, but I would love to see some solid research which backs your claims.

  5. 3
    Askabarr Says:

    Comment:Great tasting,healthy foods; complemented by a choice of beverages.Enjoy.

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    Tom Says:

    Comment:Since when does Salmonella get in tomatoes?

  7. 1
    Ryan Says:

    Except when they’re salmonella tomatoes!

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